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HERO CENTRAL: Man Lends Voice at Middle Ga. Nursing Home | News

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HERO CENTRAL: Man Lends Voice at Middle Ga. Nursing Home

It's the highlight of the month for residents here at Lynn Haven Nursing Home.

"I believe that this is part of the purpose in my life, to minister to people who are sometimes forgotten people of this world," said Curtis Scott, who lives in Haddock.

"It makes me feel good. Makes my ticker feel real good. Makes me wanna shout, makes me wanna go preach," said resident San Bonner.

Residents at the Gray nursing home say hearing Scott's music puts them in a great mood.

Once a month they fill the front room at Lynn Haven to listen in. Neva Gattie makes it her mission to gather everyone up.

"Lunchtime I told them, Mr. Scott is coming today, Mr. Scott is coming today. You're gonna love the music," said Gattie.

Scott not only sings and plays the guitar, he plays the piano too.

"I try to sing songs that will lift them up and songs that give them hope, faith and love," said Scott.

The toe tapping sound is something Gattie says she never gets tired of. She says she used to sing all the time before she started relying on a breathing device.

"I used to sing years ago but I've run out of air."

Now she says Scott fills that void.

"I can remember singing with my daddy years and years and years and he sings the old songs, the ones that I love."

Scott said, "I've been told that some of these fine people don't usually come out of their room till I come out here so that's a blessing to me to know that it's something they really enjoy."

He says sharing his God given gift is something he'll always do.

"When I see them smiling, clapping their hands and singing along, that lets me know that I'm bringing joy to their life and that means more to me than anything."

Scott says he's been singing for more than 50 years.

He also shares his voice with residents at several other nursing homes throughout Central Georgia.

















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