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Gray Station Middle teacher named My Teacher is Tops



Ms. Tammy Walls has been teaching for 14 years without ever receiving an award.

But all that changed today when she found out she won this week's "My Teacher is Tops."

When asked what her favorite part of teaching is, she simply replies, "The relationship with my students, getting to know them and helping them succeed."

Junior Journalist Victoria Landa surprised Ms. Walls, but she shocked her student Tanner even more.

He was speechless.

So he asked Ms. Walls to help him read the letter he wrote nominating her.

"She doesn't give a lot of homework either," the letter said. "So we always have lots of family and friend time. Finally , my last reason is because she gives us lots and lots of time to study together, and that is why you should pick my teacher, Ms. Walls."

And other students agree that Ms. Walls is tops.

Garrett Strong said one of her best qualities is her ability to forgive.

"When we do something bad, she forgives us. She don't stay mad at us," he said.

"She is a great teacher because everyone has their ups and downs with her, but she'll always be a great teacher and she loves all her students," said Bailey Beach, another one of Ms. Wall's students.

Victoria asked Bailey if she had any special memories with Ms. Walls.

"She lets us get on the smart board a lot, and I like to get on the smart board," she said.

Taylor Myers agreed.

"She is nice and she's caring and she loves us all equal and like we are her own children," she said.

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