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Can't Adopt? You Can Still Help Homeless Animals
Can't Adopt? You Can Still Help Homeless Animals

Homeless pets -- lost, abandoned or unwanted dogs and cats that wind up at area Animal Control shelters or with rescue groups -- are an ongoing problem in the Macon area. Thousands of pets become homeless yearly, and many of these are euthanized.

If you can't adopt or foster a dog or cat, you can still help these animals get a second chance at a loving home.

Donate essentials. Macon, Monroe County and other area animal control shelters accept donations of dog food. Often, the shelter shares the food with rescue groups, but the shelter sometimes runs short when there is an influx of animals.

Monroe County Animal Control only handles dogs, but other shelters can use both cat and dog food, plus cat litter. All of the shelters regularly need puppy pads.

Toys and treats are also welcomed.

Donate cleaning supplies. Keeping the kennels clean is a herculean task. Bleach and all-purpose cleaners, paper towels, scrub brushes and other cleaning supplies help staff keep the kennels clean and reduces the spread of disease.

Check with the shelter if you're interested in donating laundry supplies, since not all of the shelters have a washer and dryer.

Donate comfort. While not all shelters can use them, blankets, pads and pet beds keep the animals more comfortable in the high-stress kennel environment. Shelters use a certain type of pet bed, however, so don't buy one unless you are certain they can use it.

Donate money. You can sponsor a shelter pet's adoption, or donate towards vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery and vet care. If there is a specific pet you wish to sponsor or donate to help, let the shelter staff know. Some may prefer a general donation to help whichever pet needs it most.

Donating money and sponsoring vet care also helps rescue groups interested in rescuing, or "pulling," a dog or cat from Animal Control.

Rescues take on all the expenses of caring for the animals they pull, so pledging money towards the pet's care makes it easier for the rescue to take in yet another dog or cat.

Non-profit rescue groups operate on donations and adoption fees (which rarely cover the cost of care for the adopted pet), so all donations, no matter how large or small, are appreciated.

"Vetting a shelter dog is where rescue groups spend a large chunk of their funds," according to Becky Cleveland at Monroe County Animal Control. "Sponsoring a pound dog truly saves lives."

Local Animal Control contact numbers:

Macon Animal Control -- 478-751-9200

Monroe County Animal Control -- 478-994-7976

Jones County Animal Control -- 478-986-1427

Warner Robins Animal Control -- 478-929-7290

Volunteers and friends of Macon Animal Control set up a Chip-In to accept donations online. Just click on the link to go to the site, then click the Chip-In! button and follow directions.




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