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Nature Near You
Nature Near You

Sounds silly to have to seek out nature when it appears to be all around us.

But www.naturefind.com has taken it upon themselves to be searchable so that you can find nature near you, where you can enjoy it. (Driving by a crowd of pine trees on your way to work doesn't count, sorry.)

I searched Macon, Ga and found the following day-trip type adventures within 40 miles:

  • Georgia Children Museum
  • Ocmulgee National Monument
  • Museum of Arts & Sciences
  • Jarrell Plantation Historic Site
  • Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
  • Lockerly Arboretum / Lockerly Hall
  • Hall Falls State Park
  • Dauset Trails Nature Center
  • Indian Springs State Park
  • The Rock Ranch

Hmm, I see Father's Day possibilities here...

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