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Concert to Benefit "Paws for Hope and Faith"
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Concert to Benefit "Paws for Hope and Faith"

Paws for Hope and Faith is a community of dedicated animal lovers whose goal is to wipe out abuse, homelessness and the killing of pets in municipal animal shelters.

The group, formed by Shane and Janet Smith, honors the legacy of Hope, a dog nearly decapitated in Monroe County. Hope had been tied with electrical wire in the woods, and her struggle to free herself caused the wire to nearly several her neck completely.

Despite intensive medical care and the Smith's love and support, Hope ultimately succumbed to her injuries last year.

"...Hope’s message inspired so many people worldwide, we formed a united global community to honor Hope’s legacy," Smith writes on the Facebook page, Paws for HOPE and FAITH.

"Now it is up to Hope’s community to carry forth her message that all of God’s creatures should be recognized, loved and honored."

Smith engineered Pardon Week, which touched off nearly two months of no-kill at Macon Animal Control. That unprecedented period of no-kill was dubbed the Macon Miracle by rescuers in the area.

The Smiths took in the last seven of more than 60 dogs "pardoned" that first week.

To assist the Smiths in caring for those and other dogs, a benefit concert will be held Sunday, Feb. 26 at The Masquerade, 695 North Avenue N.E.,  in Atlanta.

Bands scheduled to play at the concert are The American Wheel with Mac Carter, formerly of Drivin' N' Cryin'; Gibson Cage, Radio Cult, Super Hooligan with Lee Sebastion and HangOverture. Admission to the concert is $15 per person. Tickets may be purchased through Ticketmaster or at the door. Anyone wishing to go to the concert but unable to purchase tickets may be able to use some that the community has donated. Contact Shane Smith on his Facebook page. Proceeds will be used not only to care for the remaining Pardon Week dogs - some have been adopted - but to help spread Hope's legacy. 
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