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Pet Tips: Choosing a Dog | Families

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Pet Tips: Choosing a Dog
Pet Tips: Choosing a Dog

If you are planning to adopt a pet (and we hope you will adopt and not buy your new friend), take some time to do a little research, first.

Many breeds have specific traits. Dachshunds are often diggers, because they were bred to dig up and kill badgers and other burrow-living animals. Herding dogs such as Australian shepherds and cattle dogs, like to herd things. This may include your children or your other pets!

Working breeds need a job to keep them busy, whether fetching the newspaper and your slippers or showing their stuff on an agility course.

Basset hounds and beagles often bay rather than bark, and they do so quite loudly.

Many of the active breeds will not be happy spending hours every day in a crate, and are unlikely to want to become couch potatoes. Look for calmer breeds if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

Mixed breeds often exhibit the very best traits of the breeds that came together to produce them. Labradoodles may be active when you are, and loll around at your feet while you're watching television. Puggles can also be an endearing blend of active dog and sweet snuggler.

Macon Animal Control Officer Van VanDeWalker has some tips for selecting a dog to fit your lifestyle. Mocha, the wiggly young dog seen in the video, is a mixed breed with plenty of pet potential. She is loving and smart, so she will not be difficult to train. Eager to please, Mocha should adapt to your lifestyle and the environment of your home within a few days.

Please consider adopting Mocha if you're looking for a pet. Her time could be up as early as tomorrow.

Go to Macon Animal Control, 110 Eleventh Street, anytime from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays. Call the shelter at 751-9200.

Mocha's adoption fee is $75, which includes spay surgery and a rabies shot. Ask the shelter if any sponsorship money is available to help defray the adoption fee for Mocha.

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