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The Cure Starts Now Foundation
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The Cure Starts Now Foundation

The Cure Starts Now Foundation is an IRS 501C(3) non-profit charity dedicated to educating, aiding and funding the search for a cure for brainstem glioma and other forms of pediatric brain cancer in hopes of curing all cancers.  Our fight begins with children, typically ages 5-7, who are most commonly afficted with this debiltating disease.  Their prognosis is considered "dismal" by cancer experts with less than 1-10% of all confirmed victims living beyond 18 months from diagnosis.  Sparing their cognitive abilities, brainstem glioma slowly robs children of their motor functions resulting in partial paralysis, loss of voice and sight and finally ending with an inability to eat and breath.  It is both heart-wrenching and painful as they are fully aware of their decline often until their last day.  The Cure Starts Now...

DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) is a disease which strikes at the heart of childhood and it is a disease in deperate need of a cure.  And at the same time, there may no better place to start the search.  DIPG affects the pons portion of the brainstem, rendering nervous system function impossible.  Symptoms include double vision, inability to close their eyelids completely, dropping one side of the face, and difficulty chewing and swallowing.  Unfortunately these symptons usually worsen rapidly because the tumor is rapidly growing.

DIPG, for all its difficulties presents an opportunity for all forms of cancer.  It is one of the most reistant of all cancers to chermotherapy treatments. If affects primarly children that have historically led innovations in many other forms of cancer and with a "dismal" prognosis alternatives are few.  Put together, these obstacles offer researchers a chance to revolutionize cancer research and prevention.  It is even suggested that a cure to DIPG might result in a cure for almost every type of cancer.  For this reason, The Cure Starts Now.

It is up to you and me....

90% of children with DIPG cancer are left without options.  There is no established treatment and there are NO cures.  Unlike many other forms of cancer, DIPG children must move from experimental protocol to experimental protocal in hopes that this is "the one" . But sadly, with every experimental option costing upwards of $250,000 and taking two years to develop, there are not many options.  And when you considers DIPG is considered rare, it isn't economically worthwhile for most drugs to be specifically developed for DIPG. Yet DIPG may in fact provide the best hope for a cure for all cancers. Unlike other forms of cancers, DIPG affects primarily children who may be able to withstand more drug types and concentrations than most adults.  Also, unlike other types of cancer, most victims of DIPG don't consider the impact of side effects into their decision to pursure treatment.  The Cure Starts Here...

Visit www.thecurestartsnow.org for more information. 

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