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All the Fun We Can Stand
All the Fun We Can Stand

I think we've had all the fun we can stand with the cicadas. I'm glad I was "stationed" in Michigan the last time they came to visit 13 years ago. I'll be planning my 6 weeks vacation 13 years from now. One of my favorite times at the bookstore is early morning - sitting outside in front of the store - eating my fresh banana nut muffin from Ingles, drinking my coffee & reading my Telegraph.

Unfortunately, I've missed those good times for the past two weeks, because I'm afraid a cicada will fly in my hair & cause me to upset the entire table with all my good stuff on it. Or that one of the cute little creatures will dip down & take a bite from my muffin - I know they're not supposed to eat muffins, but they may have heard how good the muffins are, and make an exception. 

My grandson & I always play a game of Scrabble outside on Mondays when he's out visiting with me. Yesterday, totally due to cicada interference, I lost the Scrabble game by 7 points. One of the creepy things actually landed on my back and started crawling toward my hair. My grandson wanted to squash him (have you seen what's INSIDE them???? Gross.), but I did the running in place thing, while the creepy thing was brushed off and flew away.

Today, lots of cicadas that have gone on to the happy hunting grounds (that's what Tonto told me) were all over the sidewalk. All over the street. All over the cars. ALL OVER THE WORLD. 

We've had all the fun we can stand. See you later, Cicada. 

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