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Premiere Wacky Wednesday at Mulberry St. Market

--Submitted by Davis Farms


Wed. July 13 the Mulberry Street Market will be celebrating Farm Animals with our Premier Wacky Wed. event for children. The event will feature a friendly goat named Sugar. Local farmer Ms Robin Dunaway, of Greenway Farms in Roberta, GA will be bringing Sugar, a nanny goat with a sweet disposition. “She just wants you to love and adore her” explained Ms Dunaway. With soft fur and medium build, Sugar will be a great way for parents to introduce young children to farm animals. 

Texas Pete is another farm animal that will be visiting the market. He is a rooster with quite a reputation. “Texas Pete is the sweetest rooster you ever could meet” said Pete’s farm mom, Ms Amy Bean of The Little Farm in Gray GA. “You can scratch him under his chin and he almost purrs like a cat” she continued. Henry the Turtle will also make a visit.


Farm Bureau Holds Photography Contest


The Jones County Farm Bureau is holding the "Eyes on Agriculture" amateur photography contest.

The contest is open to five age divisions:

  • Adult 
  • Junior 9th-12th grade
  • Youth 6th-8th Grade
  • Elementary 3rd-5th grades
  • Primary- K-2nd grade

Prizes are $50.00 for "Best of Show " in each division, and $25.00 second place.

Applications are available at the Jones County Farm Bureau office or by calling at 478-986-6434.

The deadline for entries is August 31,2011

Vote: Your Farmers Market as America's Favorite

Make sure to vote in America’s Favorite Farmers Markets contest and let the world know why you love your local market. 

1. Once you click the link, search for your town or zip code in the box. 

2. When you see your farmers market, click on the farmers market name.

3. Submit the information, with a short description of why your farmers market is great to finish your vote!

Jones Co. Woman Named Monsanto's America's Farmers Mom of the Year

Jones Co. Woman Named Monsanto's America's Farmers Mom of the Year


Teresa Chambers, of Jones County, was named Monsanto's America's Farmers Mom of the Year for the Southeast Region.

Teresa Chambers and her husband, Judd, operate Chambers’ Dairy in Macon, Georgia. In addition to their cattle. The family also raises hay, sorghum and rye grass.

Chambers was nominated by a friend from the Jones County Farm Bureau.



Mulberry St. Market Today!

Today the Mulberry Market in Downtown Macon features Deer Creek Farms in Forsyth, Dickey Farms in Musella, Davis Farms in Roberta, The Little Farm in Gray and the Evergreen East Farm in Jeffersonville.

The Mulberry St. Market is happening from 4-7 p.m. today, Wednesday.

Not only will you find produce, you can find beef, baked goods and jellies.

If you take photos, e-mail them to us at whereyoulive@13wmaz.com.

Simply Centsible

Couponing is definitely on the rise and a trend that everyone seems to be going for especially after TLC’s show Extreme Couponing. Some people may think the show is a little “over the top”, but there are ways to coupon without going overboard. Who wouldn’t want to save money, right?

If you are new to couponing, start small and start simple. Look for coupons everywhere. You will find coupons in places you wouldn’t think. We all know that coupons are a favorite part of the Sunday newspaper, but you can also find coupons on popular web sites. If there is a particular product that you like and frequently buy contact the company and tell them how much you love their product, you just may get a coupon out of that. ;) Also, Facebook is a great place to get coupons. When you “Like” a company’s page on Facebook, you’ll be the first in the know about new products and coupons.

All the Fun We Can Stand

All the Fun We Can Stand

I think we've had all the fun we can stand with the cicadas. I'm glad I was "stationed" in Michigan the last time they came to visit 13 years ago. I'll be planning my 6 weeks vacation 13 years from now. One of my favorite times at the bookstore is early morning - sitting outside in front of the store - eating my fresh banana nut muffin from Ingles, drinking my coffee & reading my Telegraph.

Unfortunately, I've missed those good times for the past two weeks, because I'm afraid a cicada will fly in my hair & cause me to upset the entire table with all my good stuff on it. Or that one of the cute little creatures will dip down & take a bite from my muffin - I know they're not supposed to eat muffins, but they may have heard how good the muffins are, and make an exception.