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13 Signs School is Back | News

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13 Signs School is Back
13 Signs School is Back

Summer is over for students, teachers and faculty and school is back!

1. Your teacher friends have lamented about their summer ending in Facebook statuses.

2. You find yourself maneuvering around Sonny Carter Elementary School's parent traffic when trying to turn left into Chick-Fil-A.

3. You wake up to find that your whole Facebook news feed is photos of children with backpacks on their front doorstep.

4. You can hear yourself think at the public pool.

5. If you are late to work, it is now possible you will get stuck behind a constantly stopping school bus for most of your commute.

6. You drive down Feagin Mill Road and end up sitting in traffic on Feagin Mill Road while parents attempt to pick up their middle-schoolers.

7. You can now easily find your favorite office pens on sale at the front of the mega stores.

8. Suspiciously gleeful adults...as well as tearful ones, wandering the aisles at Kroger.

9. You now have seven places to be on a Tuesday night, thanks to Boy Scouts, dance class, soccer practice, church functions and more.

10. You find yourself turning into the public library parking lot only to remember your kids aren't in the back seat.

11. You go to Starbucks for a quick jolt and find more women on coffee dates with their friends.

12. You have returned to your door-to-door salesperson job, thanks to the latest fundraiser at school.

13. You check your 13WMAZ app and see Back to School stories for days.

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