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Jones Co. Administrator on Medical Leave | News

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Jones Co. Administrator on Medical Leave

Many concerned people who arrived at the Jones County commissioners meeting expecting to talk about the possibility of firing top county administrators left unsatisfied. 

Jones County's administrator went on medical leave last Tuesday, the same day county commissioners reportedly discussed whether to fire him.

They say Michael Underwood has a heart ailment and asked for 12 weeks medical leave. But Commissioner, Daylon Martin, was unconvinced.

"It was a matter of convenience. It was a matter of timing. No one was aware of his illness," he says.

The commission just appointed his assistant, Margie Tyson, to fill in as interim administrator.

Minutes from last Tuesday's meeting quote vice chairman Tommy Robinson as saying three members recommended firing both Underwood and Tyson. But Martin says that was overblown.

"That wasn't the recommendation of the board. Again the information that Tommy shared caused confusion and lead to an early departure," he says.

Underwood and Tyson were questioned because of anonymous complaints put in a county suggestion box.  

But none of this was mentioned in the meeting. That left concerned citizens who wanted change, to walk away disappointed.

The other commissioners declined to comment. 


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