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MOSS TRIAL: Witness Describes 5 Personalities | News

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MOSS TRIAL: Witness Describes 5 Personalities

In Jones County, the third day of the Pamela Moss murder trial shifted to testimony about her alleged multiple personalities.

Moss is accused of killing Henry County businessman Doug Coker in March 2012. Prosecutors say he came to her home wanting repayment of $85,000.

After calling more than 20 witnesses, prosecutors rested their case against Moss.

The defense opened up today with testimony from a clinical psychologist, Anthony Levitas.

He said other doctors have diagnosed Pamela Moss as having at least five personalities, all women, some young and some old.

Levitas said the disorder causes gaps in memory and function.

He described two of those personalities: "Pam" is demure and shy; "Carol" is authoritative and matter of fact.


He said he spoke to both Pam and Carol, and both denied killing Coker.

Levitas said he met a third alter-ego Wednesday, "Caroline," who said she saw the murder.

"She saw him there lying, she saw blood."

He said, "It appeared to be credible. It appeared to be real."

Levitas said the personalities emerged after Pamela Moss was sexually abused by her stepfather as a teenager.

Moss' lawyer argues that she is not guilty by reason of insanity.  But prosecutors are trying to prove that Moss knew what she was doing when she committed murder.

Assistant District Attorney Keagan Waystack commented that it's unusual that the only time Moss' other personality comes out is when she's on trial.


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