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Dividing Water, Sewer Lines in Jones County | News

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Dividing Water, Sewer Lines in Jones County

For many of you, the water you drink comes from pipes linked to the Frank C. Amerson Jr. Water Treatment Plant in Jones County. 

Some of those pipes are owned by Jones County and others by the Macon Water Authority.

Now both sides are sorting out an agreement about who owns which pipes. 

But residents don't have to worry about what's happening underneath their feet.

"It's kind of a seamless thing. They won't notice it. The customer should not know a change in anything," says Macon Water Authority executive director Tony Rojas. 

Because it's all about ownership. 

The Macon Water Authority is proposing that all water and sewer pipes running through Jones County are county-owned. 

"And the water authority would provide the treatment of those, wastewater that comes from those pipes," he says.

Right now, there are parts of Jones County where those services are flipped, meaning the MWA owns the pipes and Jones treats the water. 

Dividing up the services is the easiest way to simplify. 

"I think it's easier for the customer and it's easier to operate," says Rojas.

Though there will be changes for some residents, water and sewer rates will remain the same.


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