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Gray Fire Chief Using Google Glass | News

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Gray Fire Chief Using Google Glass

Max Wood was reduced to a single word after he used Google Glass.

"Wow... wow."

That's all the Gray Fire Chief could muster when he found out he'd be able to buy a test version of the technology.

Google's "#ifIhadGlass" contest allowed people to share how they would use the high-tech specs. Wood's idea was one of thousands that made the cut.

An excerpt form his submission, fittingly hammered out on Google Plus, reads:

"If I had glass... I would improve firefighter safety by providing firefighters pre-fire planning maps with low visibility circumstances. It will supply real-time video to incident commanders, and instructions like "EVACUATE NOW!" or, "VICTIM, REAR BEDROOM!" to firefighters."

"There's some evolution that needs to take place to realize that," said Wood.

He's waiting on next year's public release of Google Glass to test his idea. Until then, he wants the tool to record firefighting. Photo evidence is more reliable than the alternative. 

"Either go by what you recall or you're digging through ashes."

Google Glass is light. At 50 grams, Wood can hardly tell it's there. With a simple tap, or a voice command, like, "Ok Glass, take a picture," he can capture the scene at a fire.

Wood received Google Glass on a Friday. By Sunday, he was fighting a house fire.

Of course, his plan has an inherent risk. Will the technology be reliable?

"My biggest concern is the heat and the smoke."

He believes Google will take notes, and make adjustments for Glass's 2014 release.

"I don't think the Glass we have today will be the Glass that comes out as a consumer model," said Wood.

The way Chief he sees it, this tool could stand the test of time.

"You can take a picture, send a picture, make a phone call. I think it's the next step in the information revolution."

Chief Wood had to pay $1,500 to secure an early edition of the technology. Consumers are expected to pay between $300-500, when the device is released next year.

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