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Jones County Deputy Shoots 10-Month-Old Dog | News

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Jones County Deputy Shoots 10-Month-Old Dog

Ammo, a 10-month-old pitbull-mastiff puppy is making a recovery after being shot point blank in the head by a Jones County deputy.

Sgt. David Little shot the 65-pound dog while on a call to arrest a man for a stolen car.

On September 22nd, Ammo's owner, Anna Peed, went to the Sheriff's Office to turn in her cousin, who brought the car to her home.

Her roommate, Kyle Sewall was at their Chapman Road house when the deputies arrived.

Sewall says Ammo was wagging her tail and sniffing around the car at the time the deputy got out of the car.

In a news release, Sgt. Little says the dog charged him, and he was "forced to make a split second decision" because his main focus was on arresting the suspect.

An internal investigation by the Jones County Sheriff's Office found Little's actions were justified.

PDF: Jones County Sheriff's Office Incident Report

People online donated more than a thousand dollars online towards Ammo's medical costs.  Peed says it was initially unclear whether Ammo would survive.

Peed says she feels her family was punished for trying to do the right thing.

"I begged them not to shoot my dog and this is what you get paid for for doing the right thing," Peed says.

After having drainage tubes put in, those have now been taken out and Peed says Ammo is making an "amazing recovery."

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