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Jones County Gas Prices May Dip in a Year | News

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Jones County Gas Prices May Dip in a Year

Gas prices in Jones County might dip in a year. For now, people in the area are filling up their gas tanks a few dollars at a time.

"I'm going to get about $15 of gas," says Eddie Barnes from Gray.

He'll fill up the rest of the tank somewhere else.

"In Jones County, today, we're paying 19 cents a gallon more than other counties," says T.J. Heath who owns convenience stores in Jones County.

"It's cheaper to go to Macon to get some, you know, it's the cheapest around," says Barnes.

The Environmental Protection Division lists Jones as one of 45 counties that contributes to Atlanta's poor air quality. That means stations in Jones County must sell a special blend of fuel that causes less pollution.

But now the state EPD has released a timetable that says they'll take Jones County off the list by June 2013.

Jones County Commissioner Tommy Robinson says the timeline is filled with estimates and maybe's. He says he wanted to hear a more definite answer.

Changes depend on how fast the federal EPA approves the request.

"I think they know we're tired and not going to deal with it anymore," says Heath.

"I think it'll help a lot of people in Jones County, especially since they won't have to make that drive all the way to Macon or a surrounding county just to get some cheaper gas," says Jeremy Wiggins who put $4 worth of gas in his tank.


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