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Wood Sculptors Carve for Cystic Fibrosis | News

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Wood Sculptors Carve for Cystic Fibrosis

A group of wood sculptors carved for a cause in Jones County.

The annual Chaptacular Chainsaw Carving Bash is in 5th year. 

The event attracts carvers equipped with chainsaws who spend the day chipping away at wood. 

"Oh yeah, I brought all my saws and things with me. You know, here to carve. You've got to have tools for the trade," says chainsaw sculptor Joe Armstrong.

Chap Nelson organized the event to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 

That's something close to his heart since his nephew was diagnosed five years ago. His passion fuels the event, turning what once was a hobby into a cause. 

"Six guys turned into 12, then guys turned into 24. We're right at 30 carvers this year," says Nelson.

Carvers came from eight different states, among those 30 carvers, three of them were female. 

Prices for sculpts ranged from $40 to $500.

Last year, Nelson raised $4,000 for the charity. He says he hopes to raise even more this year.


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