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Gray Fire Chief One of Few to Test Google Glass | News

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Gray Fire Chief One of Few to Test Google Glass

Before he even knew it, Gray Fire Chief Max Wood had become the subject of widespread envy.  

As one of the first in the world to receive Google Glass -- the high-tech eyewear being tested by the search engine giant -- Wood's name appeared in Forbes, Fast Company, Yahoo!, the Washington Post, Mashable and a number of other places around the web. 

But according to Wood's Google+ page, he didn't know he was getting one of the company's 8,000 invitations until his friends began congratulating him. 

Just before 4 a.m. Wednesday, he posted: "Thank you, someone must have seen some sort of announcement list. I haven't received any sort of notification yet."

Google began asking people in February on Google+ and Twitter what they'd do with Google Glass if they had a pair to test. 

Using the #ifihadglass hashtag, on February 28, Wood wrote:

"I would improve firefighter safety by providing firefighters pre-fire planning maps with hazards and escape routes in low visibility circumstances, location services helping track accountability of firefighters. It will supply real-time video feeds to incident commanders and instructions like "EVACUATE NOW!" or "VICTIM REAR BEDROOM" to firefighters."

A day later, Fast Company included his pitch in their look at the "most promising" in the competition.

Clearly, Google was pretty fond of it too. 

Wood tells 13WMAZ he hasn't received a pair of the glasses yet. 

In previous releases, Google estimated that Glass would cost "less than $1500." The Washington Post says the 8,000 early invites have to agree to pay for the glasses.

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