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Jones County Business Supports Petition for Sunday Liquor Sales

Jones County voters may get to decide if they can buy liquor on Sundays.

Right now, it's against the law to buy alcohol on that day but that could soon change.

Every Sunday, Manuel Interiano sends half his customers away. 

"Being in this kind of business, the last thing you want to tell them is no I can't serve," he says.

In Jones County, liquor sales are not allowed in restaurants or stores. 

"I didn't put much attention to it until I got here and saw how much it affected us," Interiano says about the old law.

That's been a constant for the past two years since he's opened his doors, but a signature might change it all. Well, 6000 of them. 

There's a petition to get Sunday alcohol sales on the ballot in November.

Petitions can be found at various locations: Agave Azule, Jalapenos, Iron Bone, Shooters and Pickle Barrel.

Friends in Jones County Shocked by Lightning

Weather was intense Sunday night, but for some friends in Jones County, it was electrifying.

While repairing a truck with two friends David Moore said lightning struck the garage, knocking him away from the vehicle. Moore said his arms locked up and he's got the marks to prove it.

"I was doing a friend a favor and it cost me the shock of my life," said Moore.

Emergency crews treated both men, one of whom was crouched on the ground. Neither one wanted to go to the hospital.  For Moore, it's the second time he's been shocked by lightning, and hopefully the last.

Jones County Fire Chief Don Graham said they can't be sure if it was lightning that caused the shock. His crews walked around the garage searching for marks but couldn't find any.

He says that it's important to stay inside during bad weather.


So... You Want to Be an Alligator Trapper?

Have you always dreamed of wading through swamps in search of 10-foot toothy monsters? Are you only emotionally attached to your limbs? Do you long for a job that puts your life in jeopardy?

If the answer is yes to these questions, you should consider a career in alligator trapping.

In all seriousness, the state's Department of Natural Resources issues trapping licenses to help keep the gator population in check. 

And to keep the general public safe.

Bad Weather, Bad Drivers: Tips for Driving in the Rain

As storm clouds move in, so do the bad drivers.

"People drive in the rain just like it's not raining. I don't understand that. It's human nature I guess," says Capt. James Clark of the Jones Co. Sheriff's office.

By afternoon, he has already responded to two accidents.

Most weather related crashes happen during or just after rainy weather, according to the Department of Transportation. 

75-percent of those happen on wet pavement and another 47-percent during the rain itself. 

That's compared to the 15-percent of crashes during snow or sleet. And they're mostly preventable.

You're required by Georgia state law to turn on your headlights when it rains. 

In heavy rain and low visibility, Clark suggests turning on your emergency flash lights so your car is more visible to others.

The best advice Clark gives is to take it easy. "The faster you are the longer it takes to slow down," he says.

Daylily Festival Brings Family Fun to Gray

The annual Daylily Festival wrapped up Saturday in Gray.

The two day festival was sponsored by Gray Station Better Hometown as an effort to bring fun and entertainment to the community.

This year more than 100 vendors set up shop offering handmade items, clothes and daylilies.

There was also a car show and live music.

Kids were attracted to a train ride and water slides.

Board members of Gray Station Better Hometown were expecting a crowd of around 5,000 people.

 "Everybody comes together and you see people you haven't seen in a while and you meet new people and people from other areas." says Lisa Feagin of Gray Station Better Hometown.

Mike Hufstetler of Milledgeville says,  "I've been in Afghanistan for several years and I'm home now and trying to experience life like a normal person and wanted to come out and attend the festival here in Gray."

Georgia Power Launches 'Outage Map'

The next time severe weather threatens your area, check this power outage map from Georgia Power.

13WMAZ's Ben Jones says the service just launched June 1.

Use the color-coded website to report and check the status of power outages. 

Smartphone users can use the map when a power outage cuts off Internet access. 

According to the Georgia Power website, the information is updated every 10 minutes.

You can even access Georgia Power's "Storm Center" and Twitter account for other ways to know what's going on. 

Juliette Business Provides Kayak and Tube Rentals

There's a new adventure in Juliette.

"I never heard of this place or never even thought about wanting to kayak and one of my friends introduced this to me and I said why not," says Zakary Ford from Gray.

Bryan Charron started Mid Georgia River Adventures two months ago. "I didn't think it would take off this quick."

There are kayak rentals for those who want to muscle down the Ocmulgee River and tubes for drifters. 

He also provides transportation. Groups will be dropped off about four miles up stream. 

Before providing service, Charron says people would park on the side of the highway and risk their car getting towed as they float down stream.

Rentals range from $12 to $45, transportation is $8 and parking is free. Last launch is at 3 p.m.

You can also bring your own gear to ride the river.