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Wrightsville Woman Helps Navigate Health Care Insurance

They're called Navigators and their role is to help steer people through the new healthcare insurance marketplace.

Tammy Allen is one of 12 certified University of Georgia Health Navigators in the entire state.
"Outreach and education specialists that will be informing people how to use the new marketplace," she says.

Under the new health care law, navigators help people learn about health insurance options. 

"We've had federal training, state training, and also the University of Georgia training," Allen says. 

She covers eleven Central Georgia counties: Jasper, Putnam, Jones, Baldwin, Bibb, Twiggs, Wilkinson, Peach, Houston, Laurens and Johnson.   

Allen says it's not overwhelming because she has the help of her local extension agencies. 

Gray Fire Chief Using Google Glass

Max Wood was reduced to a single word after he used Google Glass.

"Wow... wow."

That's all the Gray Fire Chief could muster when he found out he'd be able to buy a test version of the technology.

Google's "#ifIhadGlass" contest allowed people to share how they would use the high-tech specs. Wood's idea was one of thousands that made the cut.

An excerpt form his submission, fittingly hammered out on Google Plus, reads:

"If I had glass... I would improve firefighter safety by providing firefighters pre-fire planning maps with low visibility circumstances. It will supply real-time video to incident commanders, and instructions like "EVACUATE NOW!" or, "VICTIM, REAR BEDROOM!" to firefighters."

"There's some evolution that needs to take place to realize that," said Wood.

Shutdown: No Additional Funds for WIC Program

If the shutdown continues, it may hit families who depend on a federal nutrition-assistance program.

WIC or Women, Infants, and Children is for low-income women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, postpartum, or have children up to age five.

Without WIC vouchers, Delmetria Matthews says she would spend more than $200 on formula for her newborn.

It's money the 20-year-old single mother does not have but will have to find if the government shutdown continues.

There's enough money to run the program for about two weeks.

That's two more weeks of food for both Matthews and her baby. 

"If they shut down WIC, i'm going to cry. Oh i'm going to cry," she says.

The Georgia Department of Public Health issued this statement: "At this time, Georgia WIC is operating business as usual.  The Georgia Department of Public Health and Georgia WIC are working on steps to keep WIC operating for as long as possible."

13 Tidbits You May Not Remember About 13WMAZ

Today, September 27, 2013, as 13WMAZ celebrates its 60-year anniversary, we take a look back at where we started.

1. WMAZ began as a radio station at Mercer University in Macon in 1922.

2. The first program director and chief announcer, Carey Pickard, came up with the slogan: Watch Mercer Attain Zenith.

Pickard was a 1930 Mercer graduate and at one point later served 10 years as an FBI agent, according to his memoir "A Charmed Life." 

3. When he was in college, he worked part-time for WMAZ. He says the station was built by the Mercer Physics department dean at the time.

4. In Pickard's memoir, he says he created WMAZ's slogan in a poem he wrote for Mercer's student paper, The Cluster, probably around 1925.

Dividing Water, Sewer Lines in Jones County

For many of you, the water you drink comes from pipes linked to the Frank C. Amerson Jr. Water Treatment Plant in Jones County. 

Some of those pipes are owned by Jones County and others by the Macon Water Authority.

Now both sides are sorting out an agreement about who owns which pipes. 

But residents don't have to worry about what's happening underneath their feet.

"It's kind of a seamless thing. They won't notice it. The customer should not know a change in anything," says Macon Water Authority executive director Tony Rojas. 

Because it's all about ownership. 

WEEK 4: Your Football Scores

Here are your scores from around the area.

Seven Tips for Navigating iOS7

Seven Tips for Navigating iOS7

By Brett Molina, USA TODAY

Along with Friday's launch of two new iPhones, Apple has released iOS 7, the latest update to its mobile operating system that runs the smartphone as well as the iPad and iPod Touch.

Whether you sat through an hours-long download on Wednesday or plan on upgrading your phone or tablet today, here are some tips and tricks for navigating Apple's new iOS.

1. Breaking down Command Center. Swiping from the bottom of the touchscreen up brings up one of iOS 7's big features. Along the top are five settings options: Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb and Orientation Lock. Users flip between turning these on and off with simple taps on the preferred icon.

The middle is where users control the phone's brightness and music. Four native apps appear along the bottom: a new flashlight, calculator, clock and the camera. It's also accessible while the phone is locked.