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Jones Co. Administrator on Medical Leave

Many concerned people who arrived at the Jones County commissioners meeting expecting to talk about the possibility of firing top county administrators left unsatisfied. 

Jones County's administrator went on medical leave last Tuesday, the same day county commissioners reportedly discussed whether to fire him.

They say Michael Underwood has a heart ailment and asked for 12 weeks medical leave. But Commissioner, Daylon Martin, was unconvinced.

"It was a matter of convenience. It was a matter of timing. No one was aware of his illness," he says.

The commission just appointed his assistant, Margie Tyson, to fill in as interim administrator.

Minutes from last Tuesday's meeting quote vice chairman Tommy Robinson as saying three members recommended firing both Underwood and Tyson. But Martin says that was overblown.

Jones County Animal Control Adds Fee for Dropoffs

Jones County pet owners who no longer want their animals used to be able to surrender them at Animal Control at no cost. 

But now that service comes with a price. 

It's $35 per dog, $50 for a mother with litter, $40 for just a litter and a $20 fee to have animal control pick up your animal. 

The fees were implemented last week. 

Animal Control Manager, Jennifer Giddens, picked up Matilda and her litter of nine puppies. 

That would've cost the owner $70. 

The money collected from surrenders will go toward Veterinary care.

"A lot of the times they'll come in with internal parasites and skin conditions of various natures," Giddens says.

The Jones County Commissioners voted three to one to implement the new fees. 

Jones Co. Administrator May Be Fired Due to Complaints

Jones County commissioners are scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss whether to fire their county administrator and his assistant.

Three of the board's five members supported firing administrator Michael Underwood and assistant administrator Margie Tyson due to employees' complaints.

That's according to minutes of last week's meetings. The minutes do not identify the members who supported the firings.

The minutes say some commissioners cited anonymous complaints put in a county suggestion box and "rumors, innuendos, insults and chaos.

They also discussed whether to fire human resources director Jill Thompson, but she resigned last week.

Dairy Queen Makes Sweet Donations for CMN

The cars were wrapped around the Dairy Queen in Gray, as people inside and outside wanted to do their part to help a good cause.

Even though the kitchen was hard at work, the feature for today was the Blizzard, Dairy Queen's famous treat. One dollar from the sale of each Blizzard goes to help the Children's Miracle Network. And the balloons all over the store showed just how many people came to help out.

The Thornton family shared dinner, reflecting on the benefit days like this gave to their family, and hoping to pass some help to the next family.

Miracle treat day is not only observed here in Central Georgia, but at Dairy Queen's nationwide and in Canada.

The money raised locally benefits the Children's Hospital at the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

Milledgeville Funeral Home Provides Body Removal for Jones Co.

Milledgeville Funeral Home Provides Body Removal for Jones Co.

When there is a death at a crime scene, the coroner is called in to take care of the body and investigate cause of death. 

But in Jones County, the body removal service will be handled by a funeral home in Milledgeville. 

Williams Funeral Home in Milledgeville will be called for body removal services and refrigeration. 

They are located about 20 miles away from Gray. Funeral Director Rick Williams says, "I don't want people to be in a panic mode or not know what to do."

Four months ago, 13WMAZ reported that Jones County Coroner Jerry Bridges would stop removing bodies. 

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13 Signs School is Back

13 Signs School is Back

Summer is over for students, teachers and faculty and school is back!

1. Your teacher friends have lamented about their summer ending in Facebook statuses.

2. You find yourself maneuvering around Sonny Carter Elementary School's parent traffic when trying to turn left into Chick-Fil-A.

3. You wake up to find that your whole Facebook news feed is photos of children with backpacks on their front doorstep.

4. You can hear yourself think at the public pool.

5. If you are late to work, it is now possible you will get stuck behind a constantly stopping school bus for most of your commute.

6. You drive down Feagin Mill Road and end up sitting in traffic on Feagin Mill Road while parents attempt to pick up their middle-schoolers.

7. You can now easily find your favorite office pens on sale at the front of the mega stores.

8. Suspiciously gleeful adults...as well as tearful ones, wandering the aisles at Kroger.

Event Planned for Bibb Firefighter Struck by Car on I-75

Sgt. Eric John has spent more than 20 years with the Macon-Bibb Fire Department helping others.

"That's his main vocation in life is being able to be there for people to help them," says his sister, Cookie Rhyne.

On July 11th, Sgt. John was working the scene of an overturned car near the Sardis Church Road exit of I-75 north.

They had just finished clearing the scene, and John was standing in the emergency lane talking with a deputy, when a car driven by a Warner Robins teenager swerved into the emergency lane and struck him.

"It was like he just disappeared," Rhyne said.  The 250-pound, 6 ft. 2 in. man flipped in the air before landing on the highway.  He was taken away in critical condition.