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Single Guy, Loves Long Walks and Snuggling | Pets

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Single Guy, Loves Long Walks and Snuggling
Single Guy, Loves Long Walks and Snuggling

Coal is a special gentleman, well-mannered and friendly. He's looking for a home where he will be loved for the rest of his days, a home where he can finally, freely give the love stored up in his lonely heart.

The volunteers enjoy walking Coal, and he has a wonderful time with them, but what this gentle dog really wants is a home of his own and a person he can, finally, count on never to leave him.

Coal, ID #A244917 is at Macon Animal Control, and his time is running out.

Like Coal, Kringles' life is measured in hours, not years. Kringles, ID #A244927, is also at Macon Animal Control, and with the shelter running out of room, both dogs are due to be killed very soon if they are not adopted.

Unfortunately, they are not the only ones. At least one other dog, Snowflake, is on "the list," too.

If you would like to adopt one of these great pets, go down to the Macon Animal Control shelter at 1010 Eleventh Street. They are open until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The adoption fee of $75 covers spay/neuter surgery and a rabies shot.

Some dogs at Macon Animal Control have sponsorship money to help with the adoption fee or initial expenses for getting the adopted dog other shots, heartworm and flea medications, etc. The amount varies, so check with the shelter to find out if any assistance is available for the dog you choose. 

Call the shelter at 751-9200 for more information.


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