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Central Georgia Election Roundup | Politics

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Central Georgia Election Roundup

Central Georgians take to the polls Tuesday in more than 60 races in which mayors and city council members will be elected and Sunday alcohol sales questions will be answered in some areas.

Some voters in the Tuesday elections will also decide special purpose local option sales tax questions.

The following is a list of Central Georgia cities and counties hosting elections.

-Warner Robins

Randy  Toms                     
Joe  Musselwhite                    
Daron Lee                           
Mike Brashear                      
Chuck  Chalk                       
Eva Folse                           

City Council Post 1
Charlie Scott                       
Mike  Daley (i)                     
Chuck  Shaheen                      
Jeffrey  Walker                     

City Council Post 3
James Shealy (i)                    
Keith  Lauritsen                    

City Council Post 4
Tim Thomas                         
Ben  Campbell                      
Bob  Wilbanks                    

City Council Post 5
Chef Weldon                         
Clifford Holmes                    
Liberty Kovach                      

City Council Post 2
Randall Wright (i)                  
Michael  Evans                      



Richard  Bentley (i)                
John  Grant                         

City Council District 2
Jeanette Walden (i)                 
Andrew Sheppard                     

City Council District 3
Denese Shinholster (i)              
Phillip Smith                       

City Council District 5
Richard Mullins (i)                
Daniel McDonald                     
Pam Beer                            

City Council District 6
Steve Chambers (i)                  
Andrew  Strickland                  

Georgia Military College Board, District 2
Randy  New (i)                      
Art  Thomas                         

Georgia Military College Board, District 6
Al  Martinez (i)                    
Calvin Hill                         

-Fort Valley
Sunday Alcohol Sales

John Stumbo (i)                     
Barbara Williams                    

City Council, At Large
Alonzo Allen                        
LeMario Brown                       
Duke  Lane                          

City Council, West Ward
Melba Hester (i)                    
Anthony  Clark                      

Fort Valley Utility Commission
East Ward
Billy  Jones (i)                    
Minnie Jones                        

Fort Valley Utility Commission
Jo Ann Dankel (i)                   

-Byron City Council         
Post 5
Mark  Waters (i)                    
Rick  Knowles                       
Alan Dorsey                         

-Cochran City Council

District 3 Post 1
Michael Dobe                        
Andrew Lemmon                       


Becky Smith (i)                     
Sherri Thompson                     

-Crawford County
-Cordele City Council Ward 2
Curtis Lucas (i)                    
Royce Reeves                        

-Eastman City Council   
District 1
Milton Johnson                     
Floyd  Walker
District 5
Prince Dawson                       
Willie Belle Rawlins                

-Dodge County


City Council at Large
Justin Bridges                      
Lurry Brown                         
Meredith  Lester (i)                
Clint Shugart (i)                   
Dexter  Whitaker (i)                


City Council at Large
Fabio Clavio                        
Michael  Ephraim (i)                
Roy Hill (i)                        

Sunday Alcohol Retail
Alcohol by the Drink


Stephen Tingen                   
Gus Wilson (i)                     

Mayor Pro Tem
Ed Barbee                           
Loretta Lipsey (i)                  

City Council
District 1
Rick Tipton                         
David Tufts (i)                     

District 3
Terrell Fulford (i)                 
Grant  Loosier                     

District 4
Terry Favors (i)                    
Charles Myers                      

Sunday Alcohol Retail

Sunday Drink Sales

Sunday Alcohol Retail

Sunday Drink Sales

Sunday Alcohol Retail


City Council at Large
Doyle Brown (i)                     
Dale  Fuller                        
Ricky  Harrison                     
Sandra  Odom (i)                    
Keith Smith (i)                     

City Council
Roy L. Barker                      
Mel Fulghom                         
Bobby Lewis (i)                     
Carl Peaster (i)                    
Bessie Byrom Warren                 

Valerie Lindsey Davis               
William (Bill) Massee               

City Council
Juliana Horsting                    
Adeline Felton                      


City Council
Harmon Head                         
Kenneth Hudson                      
Carey Mahone                        
Keith McCants                       


City Council
Tonya K. Battle-Walker             
Mike Dodd (i)                       
Dexter King                         
Lee Roberts                         
Julius Stroud III                   
Rosemary Alexander Walker           
Eric S. Wilson (i)                 

City Council (Special Election)
Mary Forde                          
Greg Goolsby                       
Jimmy L. Jones                     
Alleta "Lisa" Mays                  

City Commissioner
Gary H. Black                      
Henry Cravey (i)                    

Consolidation Referendum

City Council
Kenneth Jones (i)                   
Gary Lenderman                      
Barbie Bentson Mullis (i)           
Joe Thomas                          

-Lumber City

Sue Sammons (i)                     
Terrance Brown                      

-Telfair County 


City Council
District 1 Post 1
Brainard Crawford (i)          
Bobby L. Harris                

District 3 Post 1
Marcia Walker (i)                   
Elaine Veal                         

-Washington County
City Council (Special Election)
Tommy Stanley                       
Penny Greer Harris                  


Mary Ann Lue                        
Kenneth  Turner (i)                 


City Council
J. Kelly Dennard (i)                
Phyllis Payne (i)                   
William Sanders, Jr.                
Tommy Smallwood (i)                 
Barbera Bullock Towles              
Doretha S. Whipple                 
James R. Whipple                   
George Wynn                         


Ann Evans (i)                       
Daniel Lee Pope                     

City Council at Large
Regina Brantley (i)                 
Brenda  J. Broach                  
Deborah A. Sanders                 
Judy Veal (i)                       


Gray-Jones Businesses