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My Teacher is Tops: Troy Herlihy | Schools

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My Teacher is Tops: Troy Herlihy

History teacher Troy Herlihy has taught at Gray Station Middle for only two years, but she's already made a long-lasting impact on many of her students.

"If you wanted to pick a teacher that is better than any teacher you've interviewed, you should pick Ms. Herlihy, a wonderful, outstanding teacher. That is why I think my teacher is tops," wrote eighth-grader Eva White in her letter to 13WMAZ.

"She's always encouraging us to do better and do good in life and she's a great teacher," adds classmate Nene Mays.

Ms. Herlihy spices up her history lessons with games like 'Jeopardy!' She knows how to keep the class fun, without getting out of control.

"She's very strict, but it ain't strict in a mean way. She's strict in, she likes things very organized. She doesn't like her students to be running around doing bad stuff, so she keeps you where you need to be and not in trouble all the time," says her student Colton Blount.

Ms. Herlihy says, "It's because I care about them, and I think they know that. From the beginning, I'm very clear about what I expect from them, but also they know that I'm here for them. I care about each one of them. I talk to them. I know what's going on in each one of their lives. I want to be there for them. I'm strict but I care."

Students say Ms. Herlihy teaches them about history, while preparing them for their own futures.

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