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More Deadly Tornadoes

There was another round of deadly tornadoes…this time in the Midwest.  National Weather Service meteorologists will survey the damage and determine just how strong the twisters were. Missouri seems to be the hardest hit, yet there were also reports of tornadoes in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Oklahoma. More details will be unveiled in the coming days.

The last round of deadly tornadoes hit the South at the end of April. It is the largest tornado outbreak in the history of the United States and has been labeled the 2011 Super Outbreak. While tornadoes spun up in 7 different states, Alabama was the hardest hit. The damage was catastrophic in the cities of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. There were 340 fatalities from April 25th to April 28th. For a more formal write-up on this outbreak, check out NOAA April 2011Tornado Outbreak.

Does it Really Matter?

I have to admit I went outside this morning at 5:00am to check the temperature and I noticed how bright the moon was and I since have forgotten what the thermometer said. I planned on including the morning information in a midday post but after going outside this afternoon, it really doesn’t matter what numbers you use to describe today. The bottom line, it was beautiful!


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Over the Hump Day.

What a fantastic day. This morning started out very cool in Juliette with a temperature of 46 degrees at 5:00am. I had to travel to Northwest Georgia today and drove over John's Mountain near Rock Springs. I soon realized I should have taken a light Jacket. I had a great view of the nearly full moon. When I returned to Juliette this evening at around 7:00pm it was 68 degrees.

It's Unanimous.

Everyone I've talked to around town agrees, the weather has been outstanding. I wouldn't call it a warm up today since all I could squeeze out of my thermometer was 65 degrees at 6:00pm. There were a few who told me that they were a little chilly this morning. Their tunes changed when I reminded them about what was ahead of us this weekend.

Crisp, Cloudy and Very Cool!

When I stepped outside at 4:00am I remembered why I live in Middle Georgia. It was a crisp 52 degrees and I could see the moon shining behind the clouds. As I looked up I thought about the final flight of space shuttle Endeavour. I checked the NASA sightings page and with a little luck we'll have a clear sky early next Wednesday or Thursday morning and get to watch it pass overhead while it's docked with the International Space Station. If you've never seen a pass over, it's worth getting up a little early. It's a cool sight.

Beautiful Morning!


Juliette missed the rain yesterday afternoon as most of it passed to our South. It looks like the lawns and gardens will have to wait until our next opportunity for rain. This morning we are enjoying a relief from the heat and humidity. I enjoyed sleeping with the windows open and waking up to the sound of the birds singing. At 6:00am it was 59 degrees with a clear sky and light breeze.