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Shooting Suspect's Lawyer: "There Is No Felony Murder"

Veronica Brinson, the attorney representing Frank Reeves, the 73-year-old man accused of fatally shooting 65-year old Linda Hunnicutt at an East Macon gas station, says in her view, Reeves had "absolutely no intent" to kill Hunnicutt.

She said she would seek "reasonable bond" for Reeves at a Superior Court hearing scheduled for December 19.

VIEW: Frank Reeves Arrest Warrant

Brinson sat down with 13WMAZ's Tom George to talk about the case and why she disputes the charge of felony murder. 


Police Still Seeking Witnesses in Gas-Station Shooting

Macon police say they're still looking for witnesses to Tuesday's fatal shooting at an east Macon gas station.

They've  also released surveillance camera photos from the store, taken around the time of the shooting, around 1 p.m.

They're asking anyone who can identify people in those pictures, or the vehicles pictured there, to also call them.

They're looking specifically for these people:

1. The driver and passenger in a burgundy vehicle that stopped and rendered aid

2. The white male dressed in a dark, short-sleeve shirt and light pants, seen walking in the center right of photo #1

3. The passenger in the white pick-up truck with yellow stripes pulling a trailer. He is a black male wearing a cap and short-sleeve shirt, seen walking near the left center of photo #2.

4. The driver of the white pick-up truck with yellow stripes pulling a trailer

Gas Station Shooting Victim's Family Speaks Out

The family of the woman shot and killed at Murphy's Express on Gray Highway Tuesday, gathered to remember her Wednesday night.

They say the Linda Hunnicutt they knew doesn't match reports of the 65-year-old who confronted 73-year-old Frank Reeves in his motorized wheel chair before he allegedly shot her in the chest.

In the accompanying video family members describe the mother, wife, and sister they knew.

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Woman Dies After Shooting at Gray Highway Gas Station

A 65-year-old woman died after she was shot at a busy east Macon gas station at lunchtime Tuesday. A man was taken into custody.

Juliette Opry: What did he say their name was?

Juliette Opry: What did he say their name was?

Well it’s that time again, The First of the month is rapidly approaching and that means Juliette Opry time. I have been really busy so unfortunately I don’t have any great story this month (like I ever have).

This month we have a group out of Athens: "Buttermilk Revival ",Winners of Athensn got Talent --Kind of an interesting group, the banjo player is actually my neighbors' cousin. I checked them out on Facebook and Youtube. They are going to be great, but I just couldn’t get that name out of my head. Who thought up "Buttermilk Revival?"

I once heard about a band that was formed at a bonfire with a lot of adult beverages called, "Burning Urine."

Although I didn't think it was a great idea , I figured out where it came from. Well I could have asked Jody but that takes all the fun out of it so here is the Lizella twist:

Jones Woman Accused of Murder is in Custody

A Jones County woman is charged with killing a missing Atlanta-area businessman.

The Jones County Sheriff's Office says Pamela Moss was taken into custody Monday night, and is at the Wayne County Memorial Hospital.

An arrest warrant says Jones County officials suspect Pamela Moss of murdering Doug Coker last week.