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Jones Co. commissioner wants 'blight' meeting changed | Environment

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Jones Co. commissioner wants 'blight' meeting changed

"Slum" and "blight" are two words most people wouldn't want used to describe their neighborhoods.

That's why Jones County Commissioner Daylon Martin says people who live in areas designated for Urban Redevelopment deserve to have their voices heard, but he says that requires some changes from the Board. "And I've had some issues with meeting location, time and date because I want to make sure that the constituents that would be most affected by it have an opportunity to participate," he said.

A public hearing about the Urban development is currently scheduled for Wednesday at 9 a.m. in Gray, and the affected areas lie in the Southern portion of Jones County. Martin says he's concerned 9 a.m. is also an unrealistic meeting time for those who work to attend.

So Martin's proposing moving the meeting to a Jones County Fire Station off highway 49, less than a mile away from the affected area.

"It's free. It doesn't cost us anything and it's where we host town hall meetings anyway," he says. "The other piece is when you don't want to have a lot of involvement you pick a time and a space where it's not convenient. Yes, you met the legal requirements, but what's legal isn't always morally or ethically correct," says Martin.

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